Jun 4, 2012

Moon and Fairy Dust | Beautiful Blog Gadget [ FREE ]

You could use Beautiful Interactive Blog Gadget for free, and easily use to copy & paste HTML / Javascript code below to your blog site. However, please note the followings.

- You could not use the gadget in the following content site: adult content, child pornography, hate speech, crude content, violence content, illegal content, etc.
- You could not use the gadget for commercial use: reselling the gadget, reselling service by using the gadget, etc.
- You could not redistribute the gadget.
- We may suspend or terminate this gadget service at any time and for any reason.
- We are not responsible for any your damage caused by using the gadget or suspending / terminating the gadget service.

[ Size ] width 160px, height 200px
[ Description ] You could see the moon age when you change the code below "moon_age=off" to "moon_age=on". And you could see the falling stars when you set "date=mmdd". "mm" of mmdd is month number, "dd" of mmdd is day number. For example, 31th December is "1231", 1st April is "0401".

[ HTML / Javascript code ]

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