Dec 6, 2011

Beautiful Blog Gadget List [ FREE ]

You could use Beautiful Interactive Blog Gadget for free, and easily use to copy & paste HTML / Javascript code to your blog site. Its code is described in each post about the gadget. However, please note the followings.

- You could not use the gadget in the following content site: adult content, child pornography, hate speech, crude content, violence content, illegal content, etc.
- You could not use the gadget for commercial use: reselling the gadget, reselling service by using the gadget, etc.
- You could not redistribute the gadget.
- We may suspend or terminate this gadget service at any time and for any reason.
- We are not responsible for any your damage caused by using the gadget or suspending / terminating the gadget service.

The images below which can be clicked are linked to each post about the gadget detail. We will release the gadget every month in order. Please enjoy beautiful interactive blog gadgets !

Momiji | in JapaneseMaples Fall

Yuki | in JapaneseSnowfall

Senkou-Hanabi | in JapaneseSparkler

Shiki | in Japanese4 Seasons

Yuki | in JapaneseSnowfall ver2

Christmas TreeChristmas Tree

Sakura | in JapaneseCherry Blossoms Fall

Tourou-Nagashi | in JapaneseFlowing Lanterns

Moon and Fairy DustMoon and Fairy Dust

Sakura | in JapaneseCherry Blossoms Fall 2

Sensu | in JapaneseFolding Fan

Koi | in JapaneseKoi | Japanese Fish


Momiji | in JapaneseMaples Fall ver2

LampSnow and Lamp

Ame | in JapaneseRainfall

Hana | in JapaneseFlower Painting

Christmas TreeChristmas Tree ver2